Cancelling Policy

General Cancelling Policy

If the presented Accommodations don't have any Cancelling Policy in place, than the General Cancelling Policy of the will come into effect.


A cancellation charge will not be imposed if you cancel all or part of your reservation on the website outside of the 10 days period from the check-in date.

Cancelling in the 10 days period will apply the next cancelling fees:

Between 10 and 7 days: 30% of the full booking price.

Between 7 and 2 days: 80% of the full booking price.

Between 2 and 0 days: 100% of the full booking price. 

You must contact the Accommodation you made the booking with to arrange a refund of the remainder of your prepayment should there be any other amount owing to you. It is not our or the Hotel's responsibility to contact you regarding any possible refunds. We don't warrant or guarantee that all or any deposits or prepayments for goods or services that you may have ordered from any third party providers from the website will be refunded, and will in no way be obligated to make up any shortfall. You must contact the third party providers and make your own arrangements with them.