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Passports - Visas

Visa and Passport Requirements


Passport Required

Return ticket required

Visa required

















Other EU





Valid passport required by all nationals referred to in chart above.


Required by all nationals referred to in the chart above except:
(a) those continuing their journey to a third country (who hold confirmation of booking and documentation to enter country) within eight hours of arriving in Australia.

All other nationals must obtain a transit visa before travel if intending to remain in Australia no longer than 72 hours and a stopover is intended. Transit visas are free of charge.

Note 1:
Not all airports remain open all night; travellers should check with the airline.

Note 2:
Nationals not referred to in the chart above are advised to contact the Department of Immigration at the high commission to check visa requirements (see Important Addresses).

Visa Note:

Australian visa regulations (including visa application charges) change from time to time. The information provided here is valid at the time of publication, but visitors should check that this information is still current by visiting the Department of Immigration online (

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visas

The ETA is an electronically stored authority for travel to Australia for tourism, short-term business or elective study purposes, that allows multiple entries for stays of up to three months for people from certain countries (see below). The ETA is valid for 12 months from date of issue, or for the life of the passport if it is less than 12 months. An ETA is invisible and therefore will not show up in your passport.

All nationals referred to in the chart above are eligible for an ETA except: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia.

Other types of visa

Visitors not eligible for an ETA, or seeking a longer stay than an ETA offers, may apply for eVisitor, Tourist (Non ETA) and Business Short-stay (Non ETA) visas.

There are also student visas, employers' visas for overseas workers and sponsored family visitor visas available; enquire at the Australian high commission.

Types and costs:

ETAs: Visitor/Short Validity Business: Free of charge. Business Visitor (Long Validity): A$90. A Working Holiday Visa costs $235.

Note: A service fee of A$20 is charged when applying for an ETA online through the DIMIA ETA website. Some travel agents and airlines issuing ETAs also charge a processing fee.

Non-ETAs: Tourist and Business Short-stay visas: A$105. eVisitor visas: Free of charge.

Visa fees are generally adjusted on 1 July each year.


Visitor ETAs are valid for 12 months from date of issue (or until the passport expires, whichever comes first) and permit multiple entries into Australia for a stay of up to three months on each visit. Short Validity Business ETAs are valid for 12 months from date of issue (or until the passport expires, whichever comes first) with stays of up to three months on each visit and can be used for single or multiple entry travel. Business Visitor (Long Validity) ETAs are valid for 10 years (or the life of the passport) and permit multiple entries for a stay of up to three months for each visit. Working Holiday Visa is valid for 12 months.

For non-ETA visas, the validity varies according to the type of visa, the purpose of the trip and the validity of the passport. Visas are usually valid from three to 12 months. The validity will be stated on the visa label in your passport.

Application to:

ETA: Authorised travel agents or airlines; by telephone; some nationals may apply online through the main Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) ( (Visitor and Short Validity Business ETAs only).

Non-ETA: Australian embassies, high commissions and consulates; see Contact Addresses.

There is a Tourist Short-Stay visa available online ( for all nationals referred to in chart above.

Working days required:

ETA: When issued through DIMIA's ETA website, or through travel agents or airline offices, usually processed and valid immediately, or, in a few cases, within three working days.


Non-ETA: 10-15 working days.

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